I had no doubt that this market requires changes.

If anyone wanted to take some classes, it was hard to find one that does not interfere with activities at the university. On the other hand, employers often are suspicious of persons with letters Dr front of the name: “In most of the work stated that I have too high qualification (I was told it often explicitly) – because the doctorate, on the other hand – the universities – that the doctor did not present any value “.Interpelację on the matter submitted to the deputy Minister of Higher Education Jerzy Szmit. The answer given by the Secretary of State says that the personnel policy (both in terms of recruitment of doctoral studies and employment of teachers) lies exclusively with the universities. The Ministry declares that it wants to solve the problem. So far subsidize grants and scholarships for young doctors. The problem concerns the whole EU. The ministers of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

In a press conference of ministers of the EHEA, which took place in Bucharest on 26 – 27 April 2012., Determining priorities in the implementation of the Bologna Process for the years 2012 to 2015, ministers announced examine how to promote the quality, transparency, employability and mobility within third cycle. Recommendations in this regard should be included in the communication of the next EHEA Ministerial Conference, which will take place only in 2015. Employees of tax offices will help fill PIT and send it electronically directly to the tax office. Free will explain the concerns relating to the fulfillment of the declaration or the use of tax credits or deductions. Taxpayers will also receive an official receipt statement (UPO). Ministry stipulated that the paper will not be accepted deklaracje.Pełen list of shopping malls, where you can settle the PIT is available on the MF.zobacz the PIT for 2017 years: When can we expect a tax refund? »As noted by the Ministry to settle the PIT during the action in malls, just carry a settlement of the T-11, which we receive from employers or other documents that attest to the income tax returns in 2017.

If someone wants to take advantage of tax benefits, it must note on the documents that confirm the expenses to deduct. It is important also to have with each other last year’s settlement of PIT (for 2016). Or the exact amount of income earned in 2016. It is necessary to identify the data in the e-Deklaracje.Ministerstwo added that since last year the PIT can settle himself tax office. To do this, the taxpayer must submit an online request PIT-GM, and then the office will prepare a tax return on the basis of data that ma.zobacz also penalties for late submission of PIT. How much delayed submission of the declaration? »” It’s the easiest, fastest and most reliable method of settlement income. In PIT-GM taxpayer forward to the Authority information about the use of tax deductions or income, eg.

Due afforded relief to children spending rehabilitation, the increased cost of revenues and transfer 1 per cent. tax to selected non-profit organization. also, this application can be put in shopping centers, “- wrote the Ministry of finance in the last year komunikacie.PIT you have to settle for the end of April. The reason why clients of banks operating in Poland packed in franc loans, there was one: their price. While eg. In June 2008. Average interest rate on housing loans in zlotys amounted to more than 7 per cent., So much the cost of the same loans in Swiss francs amounted to little more than 4 percent.

The difference was due to low interest rates in Switzerland, which six years ago was at 3 per cent., And with us were at a level two times higher. While lending spreads franc were not lower. The data of the Credit Notus House that in mid-2008. Amounted to an average of 1.2 percent. – a few tenths of a percentage point more than for loans in PLN. – But then they frankowcy who have to pay margins at the level of 2 percent. and more. This applied in particular to those customers who have not completely clean credit history – says Michal Krajkowski DK Notus.

But what can say about myself, people who, for example. In 2005. Took out a mortgage with an interest rate franc at 10 percent.? For example, we had such an offer. The house then the Bank. It is an institution, which later disappeared from the market as a result of the merger and the formation of Getin Noble Bank.

House Bank offered mortgage franc’s statement, which means that the customer does not have to submit documents obtained income, enough of his written declaration that he is unable to repay the loan. The interest from the beginning to 7 percent. But there were those who paid a few percentage points more. For lucky not to also include customers one of the financial intermediaries who, for example. In the spring of 2008. Took advantage of the offer of credit for 110 percent. the value of purchased apartments. Contrary to appearances, an additional 10 percent.

It was not destined to finish premises, only for the purchase of units of equity funds. Profits from such investments have to compensate part of the costs of debt servicing. Unfortunately, a few months later as a result of the financial crisis after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the valuation of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange flew to the head, neck. Customers are not enough, they had to pay higher loan installments due to the appreciation of the franc, it is still they had to swallow the bitter loss of several tens of percent of the funds paid into the fund. Although such people across more than half a million franc debt group does not have too many experts suspect that they will be on the front lines of this struggle banks to assume their share of responsibility for the decision on lending in foreign currencies. Izabela Dabrowska, a lawyer for the Consumer Federation, says he has not seen the complaint, the subject of which would be so high interest rates – as in the case of Bank House. – www.homeworkmarket.me/ So I did not have extreme case, but the issues were placed, where the margin was more than 3 percent. – mówi.zobacz also profitable for Conversion “frankowców? ‘” Credit franc well repaid.

BIK a portrait Frankowicz »Further decrease in LIBOR can reduce debt in francs» The budget also will pay to the strong franc “According to her, the recent events in the currency market and the associated problems with the current loan servicing CHF already have their effects, because more and more consumers calls a federation of questions, which in the current situation can do. First of all ask is whether banks can ignore negative LIBOR, which decrease significantly should compensate the rise of the franc. – For a loan in the amount of 200 thousand. zł contracted for 30 years fall in the interest rate by 0.75 percentage points. the effect of reducing payments by more than 100 zł – says Michal Krajkowski. For now, the bankers say they will take into account the decline in the LIBOR interest rate loans. I think that rates will decline in Switzerland so that lending rates would have to fall below zero. This approach can result in collective processes against banks. – It can be a lot of them.

We know that already germinates against several groups of creditors. This phenomenon will grow – says Izabela Dabrowska. Reliable as Frankowicz. Here are indebted portrait walutowohipotecznie There are 953 thousand., To 566 thousand. franc loans outweigh men in this group which is 483 thousand. – characteristics such frankowiczów compiled the Credit Information Bureau. Frankowicz is a reliable payer. According to data from the end of November 2014. (Because for them, based its calculation of BIK) up 98.6 percent. frankowiczów (ie approximately 939.8 thousand. people) spłacało your loans on time.

Credit default was 13.2 thousand. people. – Loans in Swiss francs were made up most often in order to meet housing needs. It was not an investment loan. Liabilities from mortgages are repaid first. Even if someone has financial problems, rather delay other payments. Operation of the loan to buy a home is the most important – says Waldemar Rogowski BIK. According to the information office that Frankowicz are people who do not avoid debts. As many as 733 thousand. people with a loan in Swiss francs – or 77 percent. the whole group – has a neck yet another loan.

Nevertheless they cope well with the repayment of only 4 percent. one does not repay the loans. Most debtors are persons having between 34 and 48 years. This group represents 65 percent. indebted in CHF, and in terms of the agreements they have about 72 percent. franc loans. BIK calculates that as of the end of November 2014. Generation X, as the group is called, it had to repay 99 billion zł.

Interestingly, a large part frankowiczów older people, born in the years 1948-1966. In total, 27 percent are. of the total debt. On the other hand, it is relatively young, 20-, 30-year-olds. People in this age (and therefore those born between 1982 and 1995.) Is 6 per cent. frankowych debtors. The youngest in this group, women constitute the majority (about 59 per cent.). – Young is few, because I do not have time to catch the boom franc loans in 2006-2008.

It was then dragged 60 percent. frankowych all the obligations – explains Waldemar Rogowski. Notes that people who borrowed francs then, assume the high risk and not just about the record low rate. It was then passed booming Polish real estate market, which amounted to a large increase in the price of flats and houses. According Rogowski those who then decided on foreign currency loan, hit the worst – from today’s perspective – the market situation. Now, the strengthening of the franc has increased the size of the debt, while the price of real estate does not grow. This is another feature of most frankowiczów: they are attached to their houses and apartments, because even their sale will not cover the value of the debt they took on each other. Frankowicz went out into the street.

The protests indebted read the site Dziennik.pl The biggest concern is a provision according to which the single entrepreneur is to be treated as an ordinary consumer. It may in fact lead to abuses by companies. – With the new definition of an entrepreneur will have greater rights, making it easier for them to make complaints. In the case of wholesalers it threatens flooding their complaints, which may affect their turnover. It is enough that the company will establish negligence on the seller – notes Magdalena Osinska, director. Legal Polish Trade and Distribution Organization. Electronics Industry, in turn, no doubt in connection with the proposed Article.

32 paragraph. 1, concerning the transportation costs. According to it, the entrepreneur will have no later than within 14 days of receipt of the declaration by the consumer to withdraw from the agreement to return all payments made by him, including expenses incurred in delivery of the consignment. – This may give rise to situations where the trader would be ordered merchandise from the competition, and then departed from the contract, and as a result the company will incur every time transportation costs. In extreme cases it can even lead to bankruptcy of the entity – notes Michael Kanownik the Association of Importers and Exporters of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Gallery: Consumers will be better protected. Check out the changes, which will introduce a new law Therefore Electronics industry tends to uphold the current regulations, according to which the costs for returning the goods are always borne by the buyer. Another article of the proposed bill, which the entrepreneurs are concerned, relates to the removal of product defects (Art.

44 paragraph. 14). It does not allow to fix the second time and again defective equipment during the term of the warranty. Meanwhile, as emphasized by manufacturers in the high-tech outfits may happen that the defect subject to two very different components. – With the current record after the repair of the first component can not be repaired at a later time, another component in the same device. In extreme cases, may cause that eg.

After burnout of the LED in the already mentioned device, the device must be treated as waste electrical equipment. This not only means a huge burden for manufacturers, but also a reduction in employment in the service points – explains Michal Kanownik. Therefore, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment propose that in the draft law appeared a provision according to which “the obligations of the guarantor may in particular rely on the repair, exchange or refund of the price paid or providing other services.” 14 days will have the buyer return the goods purchased off-premises Stage seller legislative draft after the first reading Revolution manuals very efficient lady pushed into the background debate on the 6-year-olds. I did not introduce the reform of textbooks in order to divert attention from the lower school age. I thought it was time to do with this order. Mrs. declared war publishers.

She won her? I not start any war. Even so, you broke it. The publishing market is fighting hard with the idea of ​​a free manual. I had no doubt that this market requires changes. I did not like the continuous rise in prices, and besides all these tricks that made the books became a de facto one-: something had to be cut, type, paste. Publishers changed the order of chapters.

The only way a quick change was to prepare his own textbook. And it succeeded. This year in the pockets of parents of freshmen will be more than 120 million zł. Yes, but only those of the first classes. The rest will pay more because prices rose.

Free textbooks will be introduced gradually each year. Ultimately, in 2017. Textbooks for primary and secondary schools will be free. Including to the system, we cut the textbook market of over a billion zł to 300 million zł. But please remember that the next stages of education by the end of high school still leave the free market. Although we define the maximum amount you can spend on textbooks. How are you going to fight the inclinations of the teachers who will be urged parents to buy additional books next to it free?

Teachers need to be aware that if this urge, then break the educational provisions. If such situations occur, please inform us to the Ministry of Education. This will also keep an eye on the authorities conducting, which is usually local governments. Trouble there are also disputes over class sizes. MEN six-promised parents that the class I-III are not more numerous than 25 students. And now Mrs. introduces the principle that this number may increase to 27 students. Is this the right solution?

Imagine that in October it comes to second-class new 26th child. Today rigors require in such a situation, the existing divide the class into two. It’s a great trauma for each child. I believe that there should be a new student the opportunity to join an existing class and poczekania with the change to the next stage of learning.

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